Why we exist


We are proving that for-profit businesses can be social enterprises by embedding real, and shared, value creation in everything we do. We believe that making money and having a positive impact are not mutually exclusive.

Who we are


We’re a boutique advisory that lends advice from experience. Designed for the success of your brand development, customer experience, growth objectives and positive impact.

We exist to scale positive impact, unapologetically.

What we do 


We create brands that make us proud.

Creativity & Content  


Nobody really pays attention until they can experience something. Seeing it, hearing it, feeling it or even sometimes smelling it, we're continuously searching for that distinction that can bring brands to life. 

- Production management 

- Digital content

- Graphic design  

- Branded content 

- Digital & social marketing  

- Ideation 

- Campaign design & integrated marketing 

Product & Experience design 


Build an experience that suits your brand. One that reflects who you are and why you exist, but also respects the people you serve.  

- UX/UI 

- Journey architecture

- Packaging 

- Space design 

"Make every detail perfect, and limit the number of details to perfect." - Jack Dorsey



It always starts here.

No but seriously, figuring out your brand is the starting point of everything. It will guide you and give you the answers to the all the problems you're trying to solve. The guiding principles to how you'll build the product, to the tone of how you'll speak, what you'll stand for, and how much you'll charge. 

Bottom line, once you know who you are, you know exactly what you're supposed to do. 

- Brand identity

- Brand refresh



Having the information and knowing what you're going to do is often the first step to creating something worthy.


Give it some thought.

- Research & insights

- Business strategy 

- Brand strategy 

- Content strategy

- Marketing strategy

- Positioning

Our Impact


A new model for balancing profit and impact


We treat our society and environment like a shareholder, and create real shared value for all. So when we work hard and do well, we share the value with initiatives that support refugees and tackle climate change.

We’ve already supported 159 refugees families.

Want to connect with our impact team? 


We give expertise and time


We give NGOs, social enterprises and people doing the real work our time and expertise.

We’ve already given 70 hours of expertise to a local non-for-profit: Reel Palestine

Meet the ducks


Chris - Chief Executive Officer

Lauren - Creative Production Manager

Nadia -Chief Impact Officer

Urjowan - Creative Manager

Steve - Managing Director 

Andrea - Senior Director  UI/UX

Silvia - Senior Director Brand Marketing

What others say


“Chris played an instrumental role at Careem. Launching and growing markets, catapulting our brand in the early days, and helping instill a culture that still lives with us today. If you're looking for impact and a non-conventional way to growing your business, Chris is definitely your guy."

Mudassir Sheikha, 

CEO and Cofounder, Careem.

"We had an amazing exprience with the Ducklife team, they really took the time to understand our business at the core. And only then did they start working on the project, all throughout we felt that they were part of the team and not just "advisors"... we really enjoyed working with them all."

Tarek Kabrit,

Co- Founder & CEO, Seez.

“Chris is the guy you get on board when you want to shake things up and rethink how you do things. He's a leader and brand builder looking to drive purpose in everything he does."

Martin Stewart,

Chief Executive, Sky New Zealand.

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