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Who we are

We’re a boutique advisory that lends advice from experience. Designed for the success of your brand development, customer experience, growth objectives, and positive impact.

Why We Exist

We are proving that for-profit businesses can be social enterprises by embedding real and shared value creation in everything we do. We believe that making money and having a positive impact are not mutually exclusive.

Our Impact

A new model for balancing profit and impact.
We treat our society and environment like a shareholder and create real shared value for all. So when we work hard and do well, we share the value with initiatives that support refugees and tackle climate change.

We’ve already supported 304 refugees families.

Want to connect with our impact team?

We Give Expertise and Time

We give NGOs, social enterprises, and people doing the real work our time and expertise.

We’ve already given 90 hours of expertise to a local non-for-profit: Reel Palestine



Chris - Founder & Managing Partner


Lauren - Managing Partner


Jojo - Creative Director


Charbel - Brand Executive


Rawan -  Graphic Designer


Sonia - Creative Lead

IMG_1187 2.JPG

Roubina - Account Manager


Mariam - Multimedia Designer


Amiee - HR & Admin


Alaa - Motion Graphic Designer

What Other’s Say

“Lauren, Jojo and the rest of the team at DUCKLIFE designed our brand guidelines and several content pieces, bringing a fresh perspective to our business at a critical time in our growth. They were true partners that helped shape a consistent tone and image for Stake across all our touch points, and really raised the bar for creative standards within our team!"

Finn Hefferon, Head of Product, Stake.

"We have been working with the DUCKLIFE team for almost two years on various project scopes, they helped us navigate some of our hardest moments as a scaling startup. Other than the incredible support and amazing work they delivered, the team is genuinely the coolest we have ever worked with. They know their shit, they have built successful companies before and are very aware of the challenges their clients face. They are not your typical agency, which I believe is the strongest testimonial I can give :)."

Serag Meneassy, Co-Founder, Wasla.

”As a startup, working with a responsive and eager to satisfy branding agency such as DUCKLIFE was an absolute delight. They helped us create our brand identity from conception all the way through to completion. DUCKLIFE get into the weeds, are professional and find innovative and creative ideas that helped us further our brand and achieve our objectives.”


Tarek Jundi, Founder & CEO, Mindmovers.

“The DUCKLIFE team have been an instrumental part of our early story. We came to DUCKLIFE with a vision for our company and its perception by diverse stakeholders, which was articulated into a compelling brand identity and an early product. The team understood the core of our mission and helped drive our first marketing efforts for awareness. They functioned as a marketing team on-demand for us while we built our own. I admire their approach and have loved working with them.”

Aahan Bhojani, CEO and Founder, Silkhaus.

“Chris played an instrumental role at Careem. Launching and growing markets, catapulting our brand in the early days and helping instill a culture that still lives with us today. If you're looking for impact and a non-conventional way to growing your business, Chris is definitely your guy."

Mudassir Sheikha, CEO, and Cofounder, Careem.

"We had an amazing exprience with the Ducklife team, they really took the time to understand our business at the core. And only then did they start working on the project, all throughout we felt that they were part of the team and not just "advisors"... we really enjoyed working with them all."

Tarek Kabrit, Co- Founder & CEO, Seez.

“Chris is the guy you get on board when you want to shake things up and rethink how you do things. He's a leader and brand builder looking to drive purpose in everything he does."

Martin Stewart, Chief Executive, Sky New Zealand.

“Having come from Careem, choosing DUCKLIFE as a marketing partner was a no brainer for penny. I have seen the quality of work of both Chris and Steve first hand. Simply top Notch. The DUCKLIFE team works with their absolute love and passion. These folks know how to build bigger than life projects with true integrity, dedication, and a little bit of craziness.”

Iyad Aldalooj, Co-Founder & CEO, Penny.

“We met Chris and the Ducklife team as our startup twistr was looking for a complete turnaround of our app, basically taking it from an early demo version to a fully commercial app. The task was difficult as twistr (the new search app for flight tickets is a completely new concept in terms of unlocking global deals), but we were impressed by the quick adaptability to the sector and the level of business acumen they could develop. We highly appreciated their objectivity, creativity and positioning themselves as thought partners not service providers. The result was a outstanding design and user journey for twistr, and a long term business partnership that we highly recommend.”

Michel Grebenikof, Co-Founder, twistr.

"Chris is used to thinking from a strategic perspective, designing appropriate business models according to the actual situation, exerting all-round influence on the team, and finally leading the project to be launched. His professional competence and leadership are second to none in the branding field. I like and admire him very much."

Aaron Li, Founder & CEO, JollyChic.

"DUCKLIFE has been an instrumental partner in the origin story of FENIX. The team spent weeks translating our feelings into an articulate brand identity that best represents our values and then led the successful actualization of the brand identity into our real-life brand experience. With micromobility, there is a physical brand experience that goes beyond most tech brands - and there is a much larger story to tell than fun e-scooters. DUCKLIFE nailed it. The team has taken an ownership mindset as co-creators of our brand and helped us push the boundaries to be our best selves. We couldn’t be more grateful to have DUCKLIFE’s support."

Jaideep Dhanoa, Co-Founder & CEO, FENIX

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