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Knowledge is everything, and building a brand to carry the ambition to "Unleash your greatness" was no small feat. Building on the vision of its founders, we were tasked with articulating a strategy and identity that would carve out a new meaning to education and knowledge, through experience. Experience from those that have walked the talk and earned a place on a platform that will move minds. 

6mindmover - Brand Guidelines - 2022-57-78.jpg
6mindmover - Brand Guidelines - 2022-57-79.jpg
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2mindmover - Brand Guidelines - 2022-57.jpg
4mindmover - Brand Guidelines - 2022-65.jpg
4mindmover - Brand Guidelines - 2022-74.jpg
4mindmover - Brand Guidelines - 2022-75.jpg
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mindmover - Video Guidelines - 2022-24.jpg
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