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Campaign 1

Sarwa makes investing easy! Hey, we should know as customers but not everyone does. They came to DUCKLIFE with a simple brief "How do we let people know the benefits of investing passively with us?" And that's where 1+1 = 3 was born. You see... when it comes to marketing, especially outdoor, you can either contribute to the wallpaper, noise, trash whatever you like to call it or you stand out and grab people's attention. And that's what we went for with 1+1 = 3, a simple campaign that highlighted a key-value prop of Sarwa and the benefits of compounding interest. It got people's attention on the street and was amplified across social and digital to drive conversion. A campaign some labeled as the 8th wonder of the world.


Campaign 2

Sarwa likes to play by the rules...some say they don't have a choice... regulators 🙄 but we get it. Part of the challenge with fintech is that there are certain words you can and can't say... it's a cryptic challenge. The next campaign we developed for team Sarwa 'turn your dots into commas' was a simple execution that's goal was to spark curiosity with the market without saying trading/investing. Instead, we helped the market imagine what it would be like to add zeros and change a definitive dot into an infinite comma.

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