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An unapologetic show brought to you by DUCKLIFE. Hosts Christian Eid and Steven Worobec talk to some of the regions most loved artists, thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs and pretty much anybody worth listening to. A platform to share inspiring stories and ask questions that might lead some to ‘DUCK’ and deviate. Straight up raw, and sometimes a little over the edge. Expect dance breaks, swearing and points of view that might conflict with your own. But don’t just take our ducking word for it.


A real conversation about Mental Health with Imad & Asim from Mamo Pay.
Following the start of the conversation about creating and maintaining the right culture in a start up environment, Chris decided to pivot the conversation and discuss mental health with our guests, a topic often avoided in our region. The discussion got so real and open!

Getting the culture right with Imad & Asim from Mamo Pay.
Imad and Asim are the founders of Mamo Pay,
in this episode we are not only discussing their business as a fin-tech innovative start up, but most importantly how they built the culture of their company and how crucial it was for them to create the right culture.

Lovin DUCKit with
Richard FitzGerald

An interesting chat with Richard CEO & Founder Augustus Media (Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi, Smashi), about media, constant changes, working in the region, the role of press and more..

Girl dads chat: being a father and building a startup, with Turki co-founder & CCO Tamara.
Two girl dads chatting about being a father and building a startup, a special episode with Turki Bin Zarah co-founder and CCO of Tamara. About the business, Tamara's growth, being a dad, family, work from home, future plans and more...

Cash it before you trash it
Chatting with Sandeep Shetty - Cofounder & CEO at NorthLadder about his personal journey with big corporate companies and the journey of NorthLadder.

Egypt's thriving startup scene with Serag from Wasla Browser
Chatting with Serag about the Journey of Wasla, the thriving startup scene in Egypt and more cool and interesting topics.

Has Tech Gone Too Far?
Has Tech Gone Too Far? What is the impact on our today's Society? Economy? Personal Behavior?

Reactive vs Strategic.
How can brands stay relevant and in touch with what is happening around while keeping their consistency and their strategic planning in check.

The Great Resignation
In search of a more balanced, valuable and purposeful life, employees are resigning more than ever.

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