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An unapologetic show brought to you by DUCKLIFE. Hosts Christian Eid, Steven Worobec and Nadia Rouchdy talk to some of the regions most loved artists, thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs and pretty much anybody worth listening to. A platform to share inspiring stories and ask questions that might lead some to ‘DUCK’ and deviate. Straight up raw, and sometimes a little over the edge. Expect dance breaks, swearing and points of view that might conflict with your own. But don’t just take our ducking word for it.


DUCKLIFE discuss working remotely in 2021

DUCKLIFE talk all things Venture Building, Coinbase & Korean Ads
Dancing into our new chapter. DUCKLIFE highlight why capital should flow to Venture Builders and that #Bitcoin and the Crypto industry as a whole is only just getting started.

We deserve better
DUCKLIFE is making some BIG changes. We've decided to get back to what we're really good at. BUILDING. DUCKLIFE will be creating brands that make us proud, in-house. Turning our ideas into actual brands and doing it all ourselves. Stay tuned...

An intro to Hitesh's beauty, Helwa.
Helwa's founder, Hitesh Uchil caught up with Chris and shared his journey so far. Nothing more exciting than the early days.

Stepping into Tarek's corner
On this episode, DUCKit host Tarek Kabrit, Co-Founder & CEO at Seez. Tarek continues to inspire us. Professionally in his strength to build and navigate Seez's journey, but also personally as he's guided us towards better living. An honest episode that refreshes your courage to keep building, and keep sticking to your values.

Redefining Luxury with the King of humility
On this episode, Chris sat down with Kunal Kapoor, the CEO and founder of The Luxury Closet. Almost 10 years in, the journey has been a laborious one filled with ups and downs, but consistent with finding a service that is increasingly sought and loved. Kunal gave us a candid discussion that will inspire every builder out there.

Mo "Knows"
Some people are just made different. Their ambitions, abilities, and most importantly, their character sets them apart as they forge their visions. Mohamad Ballout is one of our region's greats and we were lucky enough to host him as we dug deep into understanding his startup journeys.

The Investment Debate
This episode is one for the books! LITERALLY! We had the guys from Stake, Sarwa and our very own Steven Worobec to discuss investing. What started as a simple LinkedIn survey months ago, turned into an all out investment debate that will definitely get you moving.

You don't deserve a CMO
This DUCKit episode was probably therapeutic for Chris and Steve, but also shed a light on unfortunate growing trends.

STAKE has landed. Real Estate investing, but better.
Meet Manar & Rami. They've just launched STAKE, their new startup that promises to reinvent real estate investing and make it accessible to anyone, Aliens included.

The last mobility Jedi
Jaideep's journey is unlike anything else we've heard so far. Careem, Grab, Circ, and now FENIX, he's become a mobility expert working to ensure that societies get the freedom of movement they deserve.

Ovais Naqvi, one of the VC OG's on today's ecosystem
One of the OG's of our VC community, Ovais caught up with us to discuss his journey, learnings and views on where we're heading.

WTD Happened This Week
Some crazy sh*t happened over the last week or so and one of our guests cancelled last minute due to catching COVID. Naturally, Chris and Steve then decided to talk about it and debate a bunch of stuff. Bitcoin, Trump, Free Speech, and other random stuff.

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