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An unapologetic show brought to you by DUCKLIFE. Hosts Christian Eid and Steven Worobec talk to some of the regions most loved artists, thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs and pretty much anybody worth listening to. A platform to share inspiring stories and ask questions that might lead some to ‘DUCK’ and deviate. Straight up raw, and sometimes a little over the edge. Expect dance breaks, swearing and points of view that might conflict with your own. But don’t just take our ducking word for it.


Vodka pizza, cocktails, and attempts at serious conversation with Samer
We met Samer in Akiba Dori JBR, we basically came for the famous Vodka pizza (phenomenal) and the Paloma cocktail...we also had a deep conversation with Samer.

Where are the campaigns?
Where are the campaigns? Seriously, why are brands scared from being bold and authentic...wait a minute do they really know who they are and what they stand for?

Nuwa Capital betting on people, early
We met Stephaine and Khaled founders of Nuwa Capital in their new offices. We discussed their take on VCs and how they are doing it differently; betting on people, investing at an early stage, and providing comprehensive support.

The Investment Debate - 2022 Edition
One year after our first investment debate (link below), we met with the Sarwa and Stake guys again for another debate after a year full of changes. In this episode, we are discussing what changed in the market after the second year of the pandemic, inflation, crypto fluctuation, financial trends, portfolio allocation, and other eye-opening insights.

We are not giving investment advice, we are just discussing our opinion based on our experiences.

How to build your brand from strategy to design
A lot of brands come to us to help them with branding either on a strategic or executional level. In this episode, we are talking about brands and how to build a brand from our perspective and long experience in building brands.

Real talk with Dibo AKA Adib Samara
A real talk with Dibo: in this episode, we discuss the ups and downs of the journey, the moments of questioning everything, the failures, the regrets, the consequences of prioritizing work over personal life, family time, self care and sometimes values? Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur by selling a story that they want to make the world a better place. Behind the scenes, many wanna make millions to escape and unplug from the ugly world they see around them.

Investing in people not companies with Amir Farha from COTU Ventures.
"We are on a mission to transform the culture of venture capital in the Middle East by setting the standard for others to follow." COTU Ventures In this episode, we are chatting with Amir Farha founder of COTU Ventures, he tells us about the importance of investing in people, not companies, and the attention and effort they put in building solid, authentic, and supportive relationships with founders.

Build in public? Sharing the NoBueno story as it happens
We decided to build NoBueno publicly, document everything we are going through... at the end of the day it is not only about the product, it is not only about celebrating the big wins and the media headlines, the essence of the journey is the experience we go through and the learnings we build. We decided to share all this with you, truthfully and authentically.

Keeping up with the craziness! From mandates to democracy to crypto to inflation
1 month into 2022 and we are already questioning so many things around us! Dubai vs western systems, democracy, crypto, inflation, wealth... Isn't it time to act yet? Are we the generation that will make a change?

Hola NoBueno
Time to change how we find talent and jobs.

NoBueno is live! Here is some back story... Why did we get into the recruitment field, what issues are we trying to solve, how it works, how did we come up with the name, and more insights on the creation of our first in house venture

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